What went wrong for Clinton?:

  • Lot of discussion in press about what went wrong for Hillary Clinton. Much of the focus has been on the support for Trump from working class, non-college educated white voters. However. CNN noted that a large part of her undoing was her failure to hold onto the Obama coalition. Pointed out that ~88% of African American voters supported Clinton, vs 8% for Donald Trump. However, that was not as big as Obama’s 93%-7% victory over Romney in 2012. Also noted that ~12% of the electorate was African American this year, compared to 13% in 2012. Added that Clinton’s support among Latinos was even more tenuous, despite all of Trump’s talk about building a wall along the Mexican border and cracking down on illegal immigrants. Only 65% of Latinos backed Clinton, while 29% went for Trump. In addition, Clinton won only 37% of the white vote, compared to 39% for Obama. Another big issue for Clinton was young voters. While she won 55% of voters age 18-29, better than the 37% for Trump, she lagged Obama’s 60%. Clinton even slightly lagged Obama with women voters.