Trump transition team, House Republicans already talking tax overhaul:

  • When it comes to post-election tailwind for stocks, expectations for near-term tax reform seen as biggest driver. Late last week, Goldman Sachs noted change in the effective tax rate to 20% from the current 26% would boost its EPS forecast by 8%. Using the same effective 20% rate, JPMorgan highlighted the potential for a $10-15 boost in S&P 500 EPS, which it noted would translate into a gain of 150-250 points at the current multiple. Bloomberg cited comments from Kevin Brady, the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, who said House Republicans and Trump’s transition team already discussing how to shape the biggest tax overhaul in three decades. Article pointed out that while there are some rate differences in the two plans (Trump has proposed a 15% corporate tax rate, while House Republicans have proposed 20%), both plans call for lower rates on partnerships, limited liability companies and other pass-through businesses. They also want to move to a “destination-based” approach that would mean US companies would no longer pay taxes based on overseas income.