Trump transition going smoother:

  • Big story early in the week was the reported chaos in the Trump transition team with talk of infighting and score-settling. However, things have calmed down in recent days, a dynamic discussed by Politico. Noted how Trump’s team has held conference calls, announced visitor to Trump Tower, revealed that “landing teams” will soon head to top government agencies, provided a list of world leaders who Trump has spoken with and established a basic flow of information. In terms of where things stand on Cabinet picks, both the Politico article and a Washington Post report downplayed speculation yesterday thatMitt Romney, one of Trump’s fiercest GOP critics, could become the next Secretary of State. In line with some speculation over the last couple of days, there has been talk today that Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions has been offered the Attorney General job. In a widely expected move, Trump tapped retired Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn, to be White House national security adviser.